May 2, 2018
May 2, 2018

                          NOBEL PRIZE


  • Annual awards are given in the fields of physics, chemistry, phycology or medicine, literature, peace and economics.
  • First established in 1895 at the will of the swelish inventor Alfred Nobel.
  • All the price except peace prize awarded at Stockholm, sweden.
  • Peace prize awarded in also Norway.
  • The prize is not awarded posthumously.
  • The Nobel prize in physics, chemistry and economics science presented by the royal Swedish academy of science.
  • The Nobel prize in phycology or medicine is presented by the Nobel assembly at karolinska
  • The Nobel prize for literature presented by Swedish academy.
  • The Nobel prize in peace presented by the Norwegian Nobel committee.
  • Youngest Nobel laureate Malala yousafzai for peace in 2014.
  • Oldest Nobel prize Laureak – Leonid Harwicz for economic in 2007.




  • Till now 12 Indians 5 (Indian citizen and 7 Indian origin or residency) have been awarded Nobel prize.
  • The first person of Indian origin and also first Asian to be awarded the Nobel prize was “RAVINDHRA NATH TAGOR” “GITHANJALI” in 1913.
  • First Indian recipient of Nobel prize in physics was C V RAMAN for his work on the scattering of light and for the discovery of the effect named after him in 1930.
  • First Indian recipient of Nobel prize for peace MOTHER TERESA in 1979.
  • First Indian recipient of Nobel prize in economics AMARTHYA SEN in 1998.
  • First Indian recipient of Nobel prize in phycology or medicine was HAR GOVIND KHORANA for their interpretation of the genetic code and its function in protein synthesis in 1968.
  • First Indian recipient of Nobel prize in chemistry was VENKATARAMAN RAMAKRISHNAN for studies of the structure and function of the ribosome in 2009.
  • The only women form India in the list of Nobel prize recipient is MOTHER TERESA.



Nobel prize winners 2017

  1. The Nobel prize winners in physics 2017.
  • Rabiner Weiss
  • Barry c Brish
  • Kips s thorne

For desive contributions to the LIGO detector and the observation of gravitational waves.

  1. The Nobel prize in chemistry 2017.
  • Jacques Dubochet
  • Joachim frank
  • Richard Henderson

For developing crago electron microscopy for the resolution structure of biomolecules in solution.

  1. The Nobel prize in phycology of medicine 2017.
  • Jeffery c hall
  • Michael rosbash
  • Michael w young

For their discoveries of molecular mechanisms controlling the cieadion rythem.

  1. The Nobel prize in literature 2017.
  • Kazoo ishiguro

For who in Novels of great emotional force has uncovered the abyss beneath our illusory sense of connection with the world.

  1. The Nobel prize peace in 2017.
  • International campaign to abolish nuclear weabons (ICAN)

For its work to draw attention to the Lustrophic humanitarian cosequences of any use of nuclear weanos and for its ground breaking efforts to achieve a treaty based prohibition of such weapons.

  1. The severiyes risks bank prize in economics science in memory of Alfred Nobel 2017.
  • Richard H Tailer

For his contributions to behavioral economics.




Prize money a million SEK – Just over $ million USD a medal (sold for up to $ 4.76 million USD) number of laureates – 584 prizes 923 laureates as of 2017.



  1. Which country has most Nobel prize winners?

The top five countries with must Nobel laureate are all westers nations with the united stated the united kingdom, Germany France , and Sweden. Topping the ranking for the minds in peace literature, science, and economics. The united states has had the most Nobel winners with 336 winners over all.

  1. Who was the first Nobel prize winner form Pakistan?

Abdul salam was the oretical physicts who become the first Pakistan and first muslim to be awarded the Nobel prize in the science.

Dr. Abdul Salam:- Nobel Lairreate in physics accessed April 4 – 2012.



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