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December 20, 2018
December 23, 2018

A. Adolescent Psychology                                                                                                                             (10 marks)
a. Adolescence – Nature and Characteristics- Methods of studying Adolescents – Principles of
development – Role of Heredity and Environment on development – Developmental needs –
Physiological, Intellectual, Language, Emotional and Social. Developmental tasks.

b. Problems of adolescence – Identity crisis, Underachievement, Peer Pressure, Substance Abuse,
Delinquency, Health Problems, Adjustment Mechanisms – Challenges and Remedies.

c. Developmental theories – Piaget, Bruner, Freud, Erikson, Kohlberg – Special reference to adolescence – Classroom implications.

B. Theories of Learning                                                                      (15 marks)

a. Nature and concept of Learning – Maturation and learning – characteristics of learning – Transfer of learning – Classroom implications.

b. Factors affecting learning – Motivation, Intelligence, Interest, Attention, Attitude, Anxiety, Level of aspiration, Memory, Learning Context, Content of Learning, Learner Characteristics- Teacher’s role.

c. Creativity – concept, nature, process, measurement, characteristics of creative children, the relationship between creativity and achievement – Fostering creativity.

d. Theories of learning: Principles of learning, contributions of Thorndike, Pavlov, Skinner, Kurt Lewin, Piaget, Bruner, Vygotsky, Ausubel, Gagne, Gestalt Psychology, Constructivist approach in learning – Classroom implications.

e. Children with special needs: Gifted, Backward, Mentally challenged, Physically Challenged, Learning disabled – Problems and Challenges – Inclusive Education- Educational provisions.

C. Teaching Aptitude                                                                                                   (15 marks)

a. Teaching – Nature & Objectives – Steps in Teaching, Factors affecting Teaching. Teacher
characteristics, Identification of learner needs, creating appropriate learning situations, effective teacher, progressive teacher, teaching styles.

b. Teacher Roles – Motivator, Facilitator, Democratic leader, Guide, Counsellor, Mentor, Social Engineer- Classroom Implications.

c. Methods and Techniques of Teaching: Learner-Centered Teaching Strategies, Projects, Group
Discussion, Activity, Co-operative Learning, Seminars, Debates etc. Effective use of ICT, AV Aids,
Improvisation, Tools and Techniques of Evaluation, Concept of CCE and Assessment

d. Classroom Management, Skills in Planning and Implementation, Decision Making, Positive Feedback.

e. The personality of the Teacher – Emotional Maturity, Balanced Personality, Attitude, Values and Professional Ethics.

f. Understanding teaching and learning in the context of NCF 2005, KCF 2007 and right to education act 2009

A. MALAYALAM                                                                                         30 Questions

B. ENGLISH                                                                                                30 Questions

1. Comprehension                                                                                      10 Marks
2. Elements of Language                                                                          10 Marks
3. Communication                                                                                     10 Marks
1. Comprehension
a) Two passages – discursive/literary/narrative/scientific, with questions on testing comprehension

b) Elements of Language
1. Vocabulary
Antonym, Synonym, foreign words, confused words, one-word substitution – spelling
2. Grammar
Sentence structure – Phrases – Clause – Transformation of Sentences – Tense – Concord –
Prepositions – passivisation – Reporting
3. Communicative functions:
Asking for something, seeking permission etc.,
Dialogue writing – Contracted forms: I’d, I’ll, we’ll etc.,
Spoken and written forms of communication

C. TAMIL                                                                                                                      30 Questions

1. Reading Comprehension (Prose)                                                                      5 Questions
a. Comprehension of theme
b. Interpretation
c. Analysis
d. Summarizing
2. Reading Comprehension – Poem                                                                        5 Questions
a. Poetic images
b. Comprehension of themes
c. Interpretation
d. Extended meaning
e. Creativity and imagination
3. Elements of Language                                                                                             10 Questions
a. Functional Tamil
b. Basic grammar
c. Proverbs
d. Errors and correction (words and sentences)
4. Communication                                                                                                        10 Questions
a. Media Language
b. Correspondence
c. Speeches
d. Influence of other languages

D. KANNADA                                                                                                               30 Questions

1. Reading comprehension – Prose                                                                       5 Questions
a. Comprehension of Theme
b. Interpretation
c. Inference
d. Analysis
2. Reading comprehension –Poem                                                                       5 Questions
a. Comprehension of Theme
b. Poetic images

c. Poetic emotions and feelings
d. Imagination elements
e. Poetic Style
f. Poetic emotions and feelings
3. Elements of Language                                                                                          10 Questions
a. Functional Grammar
b. Vocabulary –Borrowings-Literary and colloquial
c. Different types of sentences
4. Communication                                                                                                     10 Questions
a. Different types of communication
b. Modern techniques of communication

Comprehension Prose                                 5
Comprehension Poem                                 5
Elements of Language                               10
Communication                                          10
Total                                                              30

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