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It is very important for every government job aspirants to know some basic facts about India.

In this section we are discussing about the nick names of a few cities in the states of Telangana and Andra Pradesh

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Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana is one of the busiest cities in India. Hyderabad was historically known as pearl and diamond trading center, hence it continues to be called as Pearl City or City of Peals. It is also a global center for information and technology, for Awhich it is known as Cyber City or Cyberabad. The development of HITEC City, a township, gave it the name,  Hi-tech City. It is also known as the City of Luck.

Andra Pradesh

Tenali is a city in Guntur district of  Andra Pradesh. It is also a major railway junction connecting Guntur, Vijayawada, Repalle and Chennai. Tenali is famous for it’s rich literary and cultural legacy. Tenali has many famous poets, actors, dramatists and educationalists. They have contributed a lot to literature, drama, movies and education. Because of this Tenali is called as Andra Paris.

One among the literary figures who hailed from Tenali is the jester poet (Vikatakavi) Tenali Ramakrishna, who had marked his presence with lively wit and humor. There are a lot of short stories and movies, based on the lifestyle of Tenali Rama, which spread the message of intellect and  strategic stroking.

Guntur is yet another famous city in Andra Pradesh. The city has the largest Red chili market yard in Asia. The chilies grown in this region are some of the hottest in the world and are in constant competition with those grown in Mexico to be in the first place. And this gave Guntur the name – City of Chilies. It’s also the agriculture market for jute, tobacco and rice. It exports commodities like cotton, tobacco, chili etc. It is also called as City of Spices or Spicy City.  Guntur is the home of famous Amaravati and ancient Sitanagaram, rich in history, culture and heritage. The region is also identified as a transportation and textile hub in India.

Rajamundry formerly known as Raja Mahendri is a beautiful city in Godawari district of Andra Pradesh. Lying on the bank of river Godawari, it has a good cultural history and is the seventh most populated city of the state. One can find few traces of places and fort walls that belong to eleventh century. It is the cultural capital of Andra Pradesh and is widely known as Cultural City.

                     It is also the birth place of the first Telungu poet  “Nannayya”, who changed Telungu from an oral language to a written language. He translated the sanskrit version of Mahabaratha into Telungu. Rajamundry is also known as City of Poets.

  Kakinada or Kakanandivada is smart  city and district headquarters of Godawari district of Andra Pradesh. It’s economy has a diverse industrial base. It’s often called as Fertilizer City  of Andra Pradesh because there are numerous fertilizer plants. The two popular plants among them are ‘Nagarjuna Fertilizers’, the biggest Urea manufacturer and ‘Godawari Fertilizers’, producer of DAP (Di-Ammonium Phosphate). Kakinada, also have rice, cottonseed, oil mills, salt works and tobacco factories. They mainly export cotton, rice and oil seeds.

Kakinada is considered as Second Madras. It is also known as Pensioner’s Paradise, because the city is very well planned and at the same time very peaceful. The Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary is situated at Kakinada.

Vijayawada is a city in Andra Pradesh. It’s popular for the Kanaka Durga temple. It’s historic name is Bezawada. There are a lot of legends behind the name of the city. One such legend gave it the name Place of Victory or Land of Victory. The legend goes like this- Goddess Durga of the Kanaka Durga temple killed a demon and relaxed in the city for some time. As she won the demon it got the name Vijayawada (Vijaya – victory , Wada – place).

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