June 5 – World Environment Day
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May 9, 2018
July 4, 2018

June 5, is observed as world Environment Day from 1973. The United Nations conference on the human Environment let to the creation of United Nations Environment programme (UNEP), (5-16 June 1972). UNEP is created with the aim of “Encouraging World Wide Awareness & Action for the protection of our Environment”.

World Environment Day is celebrated in our 100 countries to address the huge Environmental issues like wastage and losses of food.

  • The people are invited to take care of the Earth and to take action in order to the part of the change.


 The theme of W. E. D observed on 5th June 1973 was ‘Only One Earth’. Since 1974 the celebration campaign of W. E. D is hosted in different cities of world.

  • 2006   “ Deserts &Desertification”

The celebrations were hosted by Algiers in Algeria.

  • 2007 “Melting ice? – A Hot Topic”.

It was hosted by Troms in Norway.

  • 2008  Slogan “Kick the Habit! Towards a Low carbon Economy”

The celebrations hosted by willington , New Zealand.

Mexico hosted W. E. D

  • 2009 With theme “ your planet needs you – Unite to combat climate change”
  • The country launched its commitment to combating climate change. It participated in UNEP ‘s

“ Billion Tree Campaign”.

  • 2010 WED was centered on Biodiversity and was hosted by Rwanda.
  • In 2011 UNEP dedicated WED to the safeguarding of our planets lungs.
  • In 2012 Rio de Janeiro hosted the celebration under the Slogan “Green Economy: does it include you?”.
  • 2013 them was ‘Think, Eat, Save’.

The UN reminded us that one third of all food produced fails to make if from farm to table ie; a lot of food grains are wasted. This amount can feed the Millions of people suffering from hunger.

The small Islands developing states (SDIS).

  • 2014 WED was dedicated to sea, under the theme “Raise your Voice not the sea level! “This was to raise awareness and problems Islands Nations are facing due to Rising sea level.
  • In 2015, WED was hosted by Milan, Italy under the theme “Our World, One Environment”.
  • In 2016, Theme was “ Zero Tolerance for Illegal Trade in Wild Life”.
  • 2017 “Connecting people to nature”.

2018 World Environment Day is hosted by India and the  theme is “Beat Plastic Pollution”